Change Log

At RFM Calc we're constantly adding new functionality and expanding our range of included ecommerce reports to enhance our service and provide even more key data insights; some of the most recent improvements we've made are detailed below.

April 2023

• Improvements to Uploaded Order Data Processing

New project setting to allow the order date column to be interpreted as a numeric Unix Timestamp (e.g. 1336924380).

New detection of non-ASCII order file column headings to prevent these from being selected during the report scheduling process.

March 2023

• Auto Detect Common Ecommerce Platform Order Files

RFM Calc can now auto detect the most popular ecommerce platforms based on the order file you import, and provide the option to auto apply recommended column mappings.

• Report Generation Performance Improvements for Large Data Sets

Several optimisations have been made for reports generated using large data sets; in particular reports with multiple custom columns defined will now generate considerably faster than previously.

January 2023

• Lifetime Value by First Order Value Reporting

Does a high revenue first order always mean a greater lifetime value? Now you can definitively see by looking at the lifetime value of customers based on the value of their first order.

• Total Repeat Order Spend vs Weeks Since Previous Order Reporting

This report gives an incredibly powerful overview of revenue from repeat customer orders versus weeks since the customer's previous order was placed. See instantly how quickly repeat order revenue is generated for your ecommerce store.

• Exclude Report Sections in Project Settings

You can now exclude selected report sections in the project settings for any project. This will reduce the load time for any reports generated.

• Improved Report Styling

We've improved some elements of the final HTML report to make it easier to navigate, particularly for reports with large data sets.

September 2022

• Custom Columns Added to Customer CSV

All custom columns are now included in the Customer CSV file (as well as the generated report) and feature the value of the custom column on both the first and last order each individual customer placed.

May 2022

• Revenue by Location Reports

We've added new revenue by location reports to allow you to visualise revenue at both country and region level.

March 2022

• Custom RFM Segments

As well as generating data around our standard RFM segments, we have added functionality to generate powerful custom RFM segments. These can be defined easily on a per project basis for any project and will then be used to generate a variety of RFM reports.

• FTP Server Integration

As some users upload large files with millions of data rows, we have added an FTP server upload option. This allows you to pull any order file directly from your FTP server without needing to upload it via your browser. FTP settings are defined on a per project basis.

If there are any reports you think would be useful to aid your ecommerce insights that aren't currently part of RFM Calc, please feel free to get in touch and let us know.