Advanced Revenue Forecasting for any Ecommerce Platform

Being able to forecast future revenue growth is a crucial part of the management and planning of any ecommerce store. Revenue forecasting isn't easy and typically requires a lot of guesswork, fumbling with spreadsheets and crossing of fingers. However thanks to RFM Calc, you can now generate revenue forecasts quickly and easily with our AI and Machine Learning powered revenue forecasting engine. Simply upload your order file as normal, and we'll do the rest! You can learn more about our AI and Machine Learning powered revenue forecasting via the comprehensive video overview below:

Enabling Revenue Forecasting in RFM Calc

Our advanced AI revenue forecasting engine is automatically included on 'Medium' account plans and above. To enable, simply visit the 'Forecasting Options' section in your project settings and follow the simple configuration options:

AI Generated Revenue Analysis

As part of the revenue forecasting process, we'll generate a comprehensive AI analysis of your past revenue data:

Generate a Revenue Forecast for up to 10 Years

We'll then use a combination of Machine Learning and AI to generate a month by month revenue forecast (include monthly orders and AOV) for up to 10 years:

As well as visual charts, we will of course provide comprehensive revenue forecast data tables (both by month and by year) which you can easily copy and paste from your report into any spreadsheet program:

We'll even extrapolate your new vs returning customer rate to show you the expected split of new vs returning customers for the duration of your ecommerce revenue forecast:

Remember, RFM Calc is completely platform agnostic so you can generate a comprehensive AI powered revenue forecast for any ecommerce platform in the world, including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and many more.

Ready to Generate Advanced AI Powered Revenue Forecasts?

All users on our 'Medium' account plan or above automatically have full access to our advanced ecommerce forecasting reports for no additional charge. Simply click the button below to sign up today and start generating incredibly insightful ecommerce revenue forecasts for literally any ecommerce store (including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more).

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