Generate a full Ecommerce Customer Cohort Analysis

Our customer lifetime value reporting shows a wealth of data including the lifetime revenue of customers based on their first order month. But how do you know when ecommerce customers who first purchased in a particular month return to purchase again?

That's where our incredibly powerful customer cohort analysis can be used to visualise this data; we group your ecommerce customers into cohorts based on their first order month and allow you to see visually all subsequent months those first time customers (FTC) then return to purchase again. For a detailed overview of our customer cohort reporting, please see our video guide below:

Our Ecommerce Cohort Analysis Reports

Our detailed customer cohort analysis reports allow you to view cohort data for literally any ecommerce platform (including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento and more). We'll show you revenue and orders by month, split first customer order month. This gives an incredibly insightful look at your returning customer ecommerce DNA:

Not only that, we'll also show that monthly data in a sortable data table, allowing you to see exactly which FTC cohorts generated orders and revenue in any sales month from your ecommerce store:

and we'll even use that data to plot the average age of returning customers over time, based on their first order month:

Ready to Generate a Customer Cohort Analysis?

Our customer cohort reports are unbelievably available on every RFM Calc account plan, including our free-for-life plan. Simply click below to create a free account today and start generating incredibly ecommerce cohort insights for any ecommerce store.

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