Generate New vs Returning Ecommerce Customer Reports

There are many scenarios where you'll want to look at new versus returning customer data (not just visitor data, customer purchase data), but the majority of ecommerce platforms either don't provide reports on this at all as standard, or they provide a limited amount of information. When you generate an ecommerce report for your website at RFM Calc, we'll show you new vs returning orders and revenue by month, as well as the total contribution new and returning customers make to your overall revenue and order count. For a comprehensive overview of our new vs returning customer reports, please see our detailed video guide:

New vs Returning Customer Ecommerce Reports

As RFM Calc is completely platform agnostic, we can show new vs returning customer ecommerce reports for any ecommerce platform (such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more), including new vs returning customer revenue by month:

and grouped by year, including yearly tracking of the changing mix of new vs returning customers for your ecommerce store:

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