Sales and Revenue by Location Ecommerce Reporting

Our revenue by location reporting allows you to see sales on a visual location map for virtually any ecommerce platform, including Shopify, WooCommerce and more. For a full overview of our ecommerce location sales reporting, please see our video guide below:

How do we Generate our Revenue by Location Reports

We support ISO 3166 standard region and country codes and English names. As long as your ecommerce platform is able to include a valid country and region name in your ecommerce order export, we can generate visual sales data charts for both sales by country:

and sales by region within each country in your order data:

We'll also show further ecommerce location reporting includes total overall contribution to revenue by country/region, and even sales by month for each country and region in your ecommerce order data:

The Problem with Revenue by Location Reports in Analytics Systems

Often reporting systems like Google Analytics (and similar third party tracking tools) will try and capture a customer location based on that customers IP address block. Whilst this is normally 95%+ accurate by country, by region the accuracy becomes far lower. By using the actual customer country and region from your internal ecommerce customer records, this ensures our sales by location reporting is as accurate as possible.

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