New vs Returning Customers

New vs Returning Customer Reporting for any Ecommerce Platform

There are many scenarios where you'll want to look at new versus returning customer data (not just visitor data, customer purchase data), but the majority of ecommerce platforms either don't provide reports on this at all as standard, or they provide a limited amount of information. When you generate an ecommerce report for your website at RFM Calc, we'll show you new vs returning orders and revenue by month, as well as the total contribution new and returning customers make to your overall revenue and order count.

In addition, our report will show how your average order value differs for new versus returning customers, month by month and for all orders. All you need to do is upload your order file and we'll automatically determine who is a new customer and who is a returning customer for you, based on your data.

Report New vs Returning Customers for Magento

The out of the box Magento 2 reporting suite does not contain any reporting for new vs returning customers, although this is available if you have a paid Magento Business Intelligence reporting package. Either way, with RFM Calc it's incredibly easy to generate new vs returning customer reports for Magento. Simply export your order file from your Magento 2 order screen via the 'Export -> CSV' option in the top right of the screen, upload it to our systems and we'll generate full new vs returning customer reporting for your ecommerce site.

Report New vs Returning Customers for WooCommerce

Before you can generate new vs returning customer reports for WooCommerce, you'll need to add a CSV export module to your store. There are a number of CSV order export modules available, some free and some paid. You can then export your orders as a CSV file. Once you have your file, simply upload it to RFM Calc and our systems will generate a full range of new vs returning customer reports (including both visual charts and data tables) based on your ecommerce order data.

Report New vs Returning Customers for Shopify

The more expensive paid Shopify plans do include some form of new vs returning customer reporting, but whatever Shopify plan you have, you can generate new versus returning customer reports for your Shopify store quickly and easily with RFM Calc. To get started, just export your orders as a CSV file; on your Shopify order screen simply click the 'Export' option top right, select 'All orders' (or a specific date range of orders) and select 'Plain CSV' as the export type. After you've uploaded your order file to our site, our systems can then generate a full range of new vs returning customer reports as part of your Shopify ecommerce report.

Report New vs Returning Customers for any other Ecommerce Platform

RFM Calc has been purposely designed to support literally any ecommerce platform; as long as you can export your order file, we can generate a wide range of new versus returning customer reporting, including visual charts and detailed data tables; simply upload your order CSV file and we'll take care of the rest.

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