Ecwid is a software-as-a-service ecommerce platform, launched in 2009. The platform was co-founded by Ruslan Fazlyev, who also co-founded X-Cart, one of world's first PHP based ecommerce platforms in Russia. Originally Ecwid started as a platform to embed ecommerce functionality onto other platforms (Ecwid being short for ecommerce widgets) but over time it's also evolved into a standalone ecommerce platform. The business was acquired by POS provider Lightspeed in 2021 and according to, there are around 1 million ecommerce stores worldwide using Ecwid in some capacity, either as a standalone alone store or via one of the many embedded integrations.

How to Integrate Ecwid with RFM Calc

To export orders from Ecwid as a CSV file, first click My Sales then Orders in your Ecwid admin panel. Then under the orders list, click the Export orders button which will generate a full order CSV file. Note that the option to export orders is only available on Ecwid paid account plans. To learn more about how to export Ecwid orders as a CSV file, and a deep dive into the structure of a Ecwid order CSV file, please see our video guide below:

Creating Advanced Ecommerce Reports for Ecwid Stores

Once you've generated an order CSV from your Ecwid store, uploading into RFM Calc couldn't be easier. We'll then securely process the file for you to produce a massive suite of advanced ecommerce reports (based on your order data) including reports for:

Customer cohort analysis
Average time (and value) between orders
New vs returning customers
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation

and many more! To generate unparalleled data insights from your Ecwid ecommerce store, simply sign up for a free RFM Calc account today!

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