nopCommerce is a self-hosted, open source ecommerce platform, founded in Russia and originally launched in 2008. Unlike most open source ecommerce platforms which are written in PHP, nopCommerce was created with ASP.Net (written in C#) which is a Microsoft specific development framework. Since its initial release, it's been downloaded over 3 million times and currently powers over 60,000 live stores according to their website. There's over 1,500 integrations (plugins and themes) available and it's certainly seems to be the dominant open source ecommerce platform in the space.

How to Integrate nopCommerce Ecommerce Order Data with RFM Calc

nopCommerce does have an order export option built in, but strangely there's no option to export orders as a CSV file, so slightly more work is involved to export your orders than you might expect. Firstly, visit Sales then Orders in your nopCommerce admin panel and click the green Export button. You'll then need to click Export to Excel. This doesn't download a CSV file, but a formatted Excel file (complete with hidden rows, colour formatting and so on). Once you've opened this file, you'll then need to unhide all the hidden rows and then delete all rows without a value in the OrderId column, before saving the file as a CSV file ready for import into RFM Calc. For our comprehensive video guide on how to export nopCommerce orders as an Excel file and how to convert this into a workable order CSV file, please see the video guide below:

Advanced Ecommerce Reports for nopCommerce

Once you've exported your nopCommerce Excel order file and successfully converted into a useable order CSV file, importing the order file into RFM Calc takes just a few seconds. We'll then generate a massive range of advanced ecommerce reports for your nopCommerce store, including ecommerce reports for:

Average time (and value) between orders
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation
New vs returning customers
Customer cohort analysis

and many additional reports on top of the above too! To easily generate an enormous rage of stunning ecommerce data insights for your nopCommerce store, go ahead and sign up for a free RFM Calc account today!

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