PinnacleCart is a US based SaaS ecommerce platform, although there is also the option to purchase a self hosted version. They originally launched around 2004 and now power over 30,000 stores according to their website (although estimates a lot less, at around 1000 stores and falling). PinnacleCart positions itself as an ecommerce platform built from the ground up with marketing in mind, and in terms of pricing, it's pitched very much at the mid-market level.

How to Import PinnacleCart Ecommerce Order Data into RFM Calc

Exporting orders from PinnacleCart is very easy; first go to the Orders section under Orders & Customers in your PinnacleCart admin panel. Next, click Bulk Actions at the top left of the order list, then click Export. You'll then have the option to export either only selected orders or all orders; once you've made your choice, PinnacleCart will then generate a full order CSV file to download. To view more details on how to export PinnacleCart orders as CSV file, and take a detailed look at the structure of the order CSV file in terms of all the data it contains, please see the video guide below:

Advanced Ecommerce Reports for PinnacleCart

After you have downloaded your PinnacleCart order CSV file, importing it into RFM Calc is incredibly easy. Once we have your order file, we can then create an enormous range of advanced ecommerce reports for your PinnacleCart store, including key data insights for:

Customer cohort analysis
RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation
Average time (and value) between orders
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
New vs returning customers

and many more ecommerce reports besides the above! To rapidly generate a huge array of stunning ecommerce reports for your PinnacleCart store, don't delay and sign up for a free RFM Calc account today!

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