Weebly is US based SaaS web platform launched in 2007; the original purpose of Weebly was to create a service that made it easy for anyone to build a personal website. In 2016 Weebly began to focus more on its ecommerce functionality, and in 2018 it was acquired by payment provider Square for a substantial sum (Square as a company has since been renamed to Block, although Square is still used as a product name for the payment service). The platform has since become more integrated with the Square payment platform (although this has not been done in a particularly seamless way) and is currently branded as Weebly eCommerce by Square. According to the Weebly website, their platform powers millions of websites, and Builtwith.com suggests there are around 1 million live sites currently using Weebly as a service.

How to Send Weebly Ecommerce Orders to RFM Calc

Despite being positioned as an entry level ecommerce platform, exporting orders from Weebly as a CSV file is natively supported and simple to do. First go to the Orders screen in your Weebly admin panel and then click the large Export Orders button in the top right of the screen. There are then some basic CSV export options displayed on an overlay before you confirm the export. The export is not generated instantly but queued by Weebly, who will then send you an email with a download link once the export is complete. For more information around how to export Weebly orders as a CSV file, plus a deep dive into the structure of the order CSV file that Weebly generates, please see our comprehensive video guide below:

Generate Advanced Ecommerce Reports for any Weebly Store

After you've received notification via email from Weebly that your order CSV has been generated, it takes just a few seconds to create a project in RFM Calc and schedule a report to create key data insights for your Weebly store, including reports for all the below:

RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation
New vs returning customers
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
Customer cohort analysis
Average time (and value) between orders

and many more reports besides! To create incredibly detailed ecommerce reports for your Weebly store, with insights far beyond what native Weebly reporting provides, simply sign up for a free RFM Calc account today!

Generate advanced ecommerce reports for Weebly now