Wix is a software-as-a-service website creation platform, founded in Israel in 2006. In the years since, it has grown massively into one of the most popular web creation platforms in the world, with over 200 million users and a company turnover in excess of $1.3B in 2021. Ecommerce is now a very important part of the platform; in terms of pricing Wix is pitched at a significantly cheaper level than mid-market platforms such as Shopify and more in line with other entry level platforms, although it should be noted there are some very sizeable businesses using Wix to power their ecommerce stores. If you are considering signing up with Wix as an ecommerce platform, it may be useful to know that they will send you automated 50% off offers (for yearly payment plans) within a few days of signing up for the free plan.

How to Connect your Wix Ecommerce Store to Send Orders to RFM Calc

Although Wix is very much targeted at small businesses looking for an affordable ecommerce platform, like all good ecommerce services, it does natively support the CSV order exports needed to integrate with RFM Calc. In your Wix admin panel, first go to the Orders screen (under the Orders menu) and click the checkbox at the top left of the order table to select all orders. A blue Export button will then appear in the top right of this section; click this and an overlay will appear with several customisable CSV export options, and once you confirm these options, the Wix order CSV file will be sent straight to your browser for download. To view more detailed information around how to export Wix orders as a CSV file, plus a detailed look at the architecture of a Wix order CSV file, please see our comprehensive video guide below:

Generate Advanced Ecommerce Reports for any Wix Store

Once you've downloaded your order CSV file from your Wix admin panel, importing into RFM Calc could not be easier; you can create a Wix project and schedule a new report in just a couple of minutes. We'll then be able to generate an incredible range of ecommerce data insights for your Wix store, including reports for all the below:

Average time (and value) between orders
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation
New vs returning customers
Customer cohort analysis

plus many more ecommerce reports too! To create these phenomenally useful ecommerce reports for your Wix store, with far more key data insights than standard Wix reporting provides, simply sign up for a free RFM Calc account today!

Generate advanced ecommerce reports for Wix now