Founded in Canada in 2006, Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, powering in excess of 1.7 million stores worldwide. Shopify is widely recognised as the market leader for software-as-a-service ecommerce platforms, particularly those platforms targeted at small to medium sized businesses, thanks to its straightforward set up process and ease of management.

How to integrate Shopify with RFM Calc

Exporting orders from Shopify to import into RFM Calc is very easy. Shopify natively supports CSV order exports; simply visit the Orders screen in your Shopify admin panel and click the Export link. You can then upload the order file straight into RFM Calc to allow us to generate our full range of advanced ecommerce reports. For more detailed information about how to export orders from Shopify to a CSV file and a deep dive into the fields a Shopify order CSV contains, please see our video guide below.

Shopify Lifetime Value Reports; Calculate Shopify CLV

Calculating customer lifetime value for your Shopify store is incredibly easy with RFM Calc; simply upload your order file and we'll do the rest. Our advanced ecommerce report shows the lifetime value for your Shopify store in total, year by year, and even the lifetime value based on the first order month of your customers.

Report on New vs Returning Customers for Shopify

Although Shopify does include some new vs returning customer reporting as part of their reporting suite, your RFM Calc ecommerce report takes this data to a much deeper level. We'll show you new versus returning customer revenue and orders month by month, as well as the overall mix of new vs returning customers for your Shopify store.

Show Average Time Between Orders for Shopify

Like most ecommerce platforms, Shopify does not have any standard reporting to show the average time between purchases from the same customer, but generating this data for your Shopify store is a piece of cake with RFM Calc. After you've uploaded your order file to our site, our systems can then generate an impressive range of data showing the average time and value between orders, as part of your Shopify ecommerce report.

Shopify Customer Cohort Analysis

Our powerful Customer Cohort Analysis can be used to visualise your Shopify order data; we group your ecommerce customers into cohorts based on their first order month and allow you to see visually all subsequent months those first time customers (FTC) from your Shopify store then return to purchase again.

RFM Segmentation for Shopify

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) is an established marketing segmentation technique that allows you to identify your best (and worst) performing customers. We'll automatically segment your Shopify customers into the ideal RFM segments, then generate powerful reports showing you this data. You can even export a full list of your Shopify customers with their corresponding RFM segments to allow you to precisely target the customers and grow your Shopify store revenue.

And Many More Advanced Shopify Reports...

As well as all the above, we will generate a whole host of other advanced ecommerce reports for your Shopify store, giving you incredible data and insights without any complicated API integrations or fiddly tracking code. Sign up for free below and get incredible data insights from your Shopify store today!

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