Magento is a PHP based ecommerce platform, originally launched in 2008. It's grown to become one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, powering many thousands of sites successful ecommerce websites, from smaller businesses to multi national retail stores. There are two main variants available; an open source version (Magento Open Source) and a commercially licenced version (formally know as Magento Commerce). In 2018 Magento was purchased by Adobe and the paid version of the platform was rebranded to Adobe Commerce.

How to integrate Magento with RFM Calc

Magento natively supports exporting of orders to a CSV file in all flavours of Magento 2; simply visit the order screen in your Magento admin panel and click the export option. RFM Calc can also work with custom order CSV export files without any issue. For more detailed information about how to export orders from Magento to a CSV file and a deep dive into the fields a Magento order CSV contains, please see our video guide below.

Show Average Time Between Orders for Magento

As with virtually all ecommerce platforms, Magento has no reporting based around the average time between orders from the same customer. But, obtaining the key data (including average mean time between orders, average median time between orders, longest and shortest time gaps between orders) is easy with RFM Calc; simply upload your order file and we'll do everything else.

Magento Lifetime Value and Lifetime Revenue Reports

There's no CLV or lifetime revenue reporting built into Magento, but with RFM you can generate advanced reporting around lifetime value (including based on the first order month) quickly and easily. It's never been easier to get a true lifetime revenue figure for your Magento store.

Magento Customer Cohort Analysis

Our powerful Customer Cohort Analysis can be used to visualise your Magento order data; we group your ecommerce customers into cohorts based on their first order month and allow you to see visually all subsequent months those first time customers (FTC) from your Magento store then return to purchase again.

Report on New vs Returning Customers for Magento

Magento has no built in reporting to compare the performance of new and returning customers, generating reports around new vs returning customers is easy with RFM Calc.

Recency, Frequency, Monetary Segmentation for Magento

RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) is an established marketing segmentation technique that allows you to identify your best (and worst) performing customers. We'll automatically segment your Magento customers into the ideal RFM segments, then generate powerful reports showing you this data. You can even export a full list of your Magento customers with their corresponding RFM segments to allow you to precisely target the customers and grow your Magento store revenue.

And Many More Advanced Magento Reports...

As well as all the above, we will generate an incredible array of advanced ecommerce reports for your Magento store, giving you key data and insights without any longwinded API integrations or awkward tracking code. Sign up for free below and get game-changing data insights from your Magento store today!

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