Originally launched in 2011, WooCommerce is free open source ecommerce plugin for the hugely popular PHP based CMS WordPress. Since its initial release, it's been downloaded millions of times and is now one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. It's backed by a significant ecosystem of plugins and themes, with over 1000 plugins (both free and paid) currently available.

How to integrate WooCommerce with RFM Calc

WooCommerce does not come with a massive amount of functionality as standard, and one of the key features that is missing (and is needed by RFM Calc) is the ability to export orders as a CSV file. Fortunately, there are many plugins available for this and one (free) plugin we recommend which allows you to export your WooCommerce orders as a CSV file quickly and easily is Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce By AlgolPlus which you can download by clicking here. Once you have your order file, it's then an ultra simple process to upload this to RFM Calc, please see the video below for a full guide.

Create RFM Reports for WooCommerce

WooCommerce doesn't support any kind of RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) segmentation as standard, but generating RFM reports for WooCommerce is easily with RFM Calc. Simply export your order file and we'll parse your data to create the necessary boundaries and a full suite of RFM reports. You can even create customer RFM segments as part of your reports.

WooCommerce Customer Lifetime Value Reports

WooCommerce (like nearly all ecommerce platforms) doesn't have any native built in report to calculate true customer lifetime revenue. But with RFM Calc, generating lifetime value reports for your WooCommerce store is quick and easy.

Show Average Time Between Orders for WooCommerce

Knowing the average time between orders is key information when it comes to targeting customers at the right time for repeat purchasing. Although WooCommerce provides no average time between order reports natively, producing this data is easy with RFM Calc. Simply upload your order file and we'll do the rest.

Customer Cohort Analysis for WooCommerce

Although our WooCommerce lifetime value reports will show you how much your customers spend in total on your WooCommerce store, our customer cohort analysis (grouped by the first purchase month of the customer) allows you to see exactly when those customers return to purchase again.

Report on New vs Returning Customers for WooCommerce

It's so simple to compare revenue for new vs returning customers on your WooCommerce store with RFM Calc; simply upload your order file to our system, and we'll generate a full suite of new vs returning customer reports.

And Many More Advanced WooCommerce Reports...

As well as all the above, we will generate an incredible array of advanced ecommerce reports for your WooCommerce store, giving you key data and insights without any longwinded API integrations or awkward tracking code. Sign up for free below and get game-changing data insights from your WooCommerce store today!

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