PrestaShop is a free PHP self hosted ecommerce platform, so much like Magento or WooCommerce in that respect, which was officially launched in 2007. It's grown in the years since and now (according to their website) powers around 300,000 ecommmerce stores worldwide. PrestaShop has no commercial version as such, so their revenue comes via selling add-on modules and partnerships with external providers, such as payment gateways.

How to Create a Working Order Export for RFM Calc with PrestaShop Ecommerce Order Data

PrestaShop does have a native order export feature; first click Orders and then the sub menu Orders option. Then click the Settings cog top right and click Export. Unfortunately, the default order CSV export in PrestaShop contains a very limited amount of information and crucially, the export does not contain any form of customer identifier making it unusable for any kind of advanced ecommerce reports. However, it is possible to make a more usable ecommerce order export using the SQL Manager feature under Advanced Parameters and then Database in your PrestaShop admin panel. You can then set up the custom SQL query below:

Once exported, remember to note that PrestaShop exports order files with a semicolon delimiter, rather than a comma. To view more details on how to export PrestaShop orders as CSV file (including how to set up the above custom SQL query), and to look in more detail at the structure of the order CSV file the above SQL query generates, please see the video guide below:

PrestaShop Advanced Data Insights

Once you've been through the above process to create and export a usable PrestaShop order CSV file, uploading it into RFM Calc is easy. You'll then be able to produce an incredible array of data driven ecommerce reports, including advanced reports for:

Average time (and value) between orders
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
New vs returning customers
RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation
Customer cohort analysis

and plenty more ecommerce reports besides! When you're ready to create a phenomenal array of ecommerce reports for your PrestaShop store, simply sign up for a free RFM Calc account!

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