Launched originally way back in 2004, Bluepark is a UK based software-as-a-service ecommerce platform. Although the user base is fairly small (they currently power around 4,000 stores), there's an active community support form and it's one of the best reviewed ecommerce platforms available, based on their overall Trustpilot rating. Pricing wise, the platform is targeted at the small business end of the market with a range of affordable monthly plans.

How to Connect Bluepark Order Data with RFM Calc

Like all good ecommerce platforms, exporting orders to a CSV ready to import into RFM Calc is easy with Bluepark. Simply go to View in the Orders section of the admin, then click the Export to CSV File option in the top right. To learn more about how to export Bluepark orders as a CSV file, and a detailed look into the structure of a Bluepark order CSV file, please see our video guide below:

Bluepark Advanced Ecommerce Reporting

Uploading your Bluepark order CSV to RFM Calc couldn't be easier; once you've uploaded your order file we'll then generate an enormous range of advanced ecommerce reports giving incredible insights into your ecommerce data. The advanced ecommerce reports we generate include:

Average time (and value) between orders
New vs returning customers
Customer cohort analysis
Customer lifetime value (CLV)
RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) segmentation

To create and view all the advanced ecommerce reports above (and many more) for your Bluepark ecommerce store, simply sign up for a free RFM Calc account today!

Generate advanced ecommerce reports for Bluepark now