Generate Custom Column Reports for any Ecommerce Platform

As well as generating key data insights for your ecommerce store for metrics like customer lifetime value or average time between orders, RFM Calc can produce even deeper insights into a particular order characteristic using our custom column reporting. Simply select that column as a custom column (for example, payment method or Google source channel) when scheduling a report, and we'll do the rest. For a complete overview of how our custom column reports work, please see our in depth video guide below:

Custom Column Revenue by Month and Overall

For all custom columns, we'll show you a monthly breakdown of revenue, orders and also an overall split for your order data:

Showing Customer Lifetime Value and Average Time Between Orders for Custom Columns

As well as showing overall revenue and orders, we'll produce data tables showing the customer lifetime value and average time between orders based on the custom column value used on a first customer order:

Advanced Custom Column Data

Remember, RFM Calc can generate advanced custom column reports for any data you can supply to us. For example, the chart below shows orders per month based on the Google source channel for that order. This was achieved by combining the source channel (exported from Google Analytics) with the original Magento order CSV via the Microsoft Excel vlookup function:

Not only do we show monthly revenue and orders, but of course we'll also show the customer lifetime value and average time between orders for the custom column in a clean sortable data table, in this case the Google source channel:

This incredibly powerful data can then provide key insights into lifetime value and average time between orders across whatever custom column data you submit.

Ready to Generate Advanced Custom Column Reports?

Our custom column reports are available on our small account plan and above, so you can generate the above advanced custom column reports for literally any ecommerce store (without needing a special app integration or awkward JavaScript code) for a nominal monthly fee. Simply click below to sign up today and start generating incredible custom column reports for literally any ecommerce store (including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more).

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