Show Overall Orders and Revenue for any Ecommerce Platform

Our simple overall revenue reports can show monthly revenue, orders and AOV for any ecommerce platform. Why do we include these basic reports? As our advanced filtering gives you the option to remove orders based on order status or customer ID (including advanced wildcard matches), our overall revenue reports give a 100% accurate overview of the data your order file contains.

Overall Revenue by Month Charts

We'll produce interactive charts to show the overall revenue for your ecommerce store month by month. Remember, we'll automatically convert orders in other currencies to your project base currency on the fly, so even if your store supports multi-currency orders, we'll give you an accurate overall revenue total in that scenario too:

Overall Revenue by Month Data Table

Our clean overall revenue data table allows you to view monthly and overall revenue at a glance; click any column heading (for example AOV) to instantly sort the table:

Ready to Generate Overall Revenue Reports?

Our overall revenue reports are available on every single RFM Calc account plan, even our completely free-for-life plan. Simply click the button below to sign up today and start generating stunning revenue insights for literally any ecommerce store (including Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and more).

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